Zip Repair 64 Bit


Zip (.zip) is a popular compressed file format and it usually contains more than one file. That is, large or multiple data files can be compressed to form a single file. By doing so, you can reduce the required space to store a large data files on your system hdd and even you can easily send multiple data files at a time via emails. There are applications like WinRAR, 7-Zip etc. which uses standard compressions and decompression techniques to Zip and unzip files on your Windows 32 and 64 bit system.

A 64 Bit Windows system is more efficient and can handle large amount of memory and even most of the programs designed for 32 bit version of Windows do work on 64 bit versions of Windows.  However, Zip files stored on Windows 64 bit system are also highly prone to corruption. Once 64 bit Zip file gets corrupted, then you won’t be able to extract files from it which results in essential data loss. So in order to avoid data loss, you need to go for a Zip repair 64 bit. That is, you need to know how to repair a corrupt Zip file on your Windows 64 bit system.

Anyhow, there is nothing much to worry about Zip repair 64 bit because, this repair task can be easily performed by using an effective and well known application called as Zip File Repair Tool. This repair utility let you know how to repair 64 bit Zip file in a short span of time. It is a perfect application to repair bad Zip file or a corrupted Zip file on your Windows 64 bit system. But before knowing how to repair 64 bit Zip file, have a look at the scenarios that can corrupt your Zip file on Windows 64 bit system:

  • The major reason behind Zip file corruption on your Windows system is virus infection. Once your system gets infected by deadly viruses, then the files stored on it including Zip files may get corrupt and become unreadable.
  • If the header of your Zip file gets damaged then, you will not be able to access or extract data from it. That is, damaged header can leads to a corrupt Zip file.
  • If you use unreliable third party tool to extract data from a Zip file on your Windows 64 bit system, then there are chances for Zip file corruption.
  • Zip file may also get damaged or broken on your Windows 64 bit system, due to partially downloaded or incomplete download of Zip file. If you want to know how to repair or extract partially downloaded Zip file then, visit:

Zip file may also get corrupted on your Windows 64 bit system due to low disk space while extracting data from Zip file, interrupted Zip file transfer, bad sectors on hdd, power surge while extracting a Zip file data etc. However, whatever might be the reason behind Zip file corruption, you can make use of Zip File Repair Tool to know how to repair 64 bit Zip file. Apart from repairing 64 bit Zip file, you can easily repair Windows XP Zip file with the use of this amazing tool.

Features of Zip File Repair Tool

Zip File Repair is a powerful and fast repair process for repairing 64 bit Zip file. It is uses an efficient way for Zip repair 64 bit. This repair utility is capable to repair or fix all the Zip file corruption issues in an effective way. Other than Zip repair 64 bit, it can even repair 32 bit Zip file. This application can be used for Zip file error repair. Using this software, you can easily repair large and encrypted Zip files. It supports all popular versions of Windows OS for 64 bit Zip repair. It can repair Zip file stored on any storage media like external hdd, flash drive, memory card etc. It has powerful repairing programs that effectively help in 64 bit Zip file repair. Even novice user can use this tool as it comes with user friendly interface. This tool is free from virus so you can install it on your system without any hesitations. It is capable to fix Zip and Zipx files. Click here to know how to repair damaged or broken Zipx files. This utility allows you to Preview the repaired Zip file prior to restoration. It

Steps for Zip repair 64 bit:

Step 1: Download and install the software on your system. Then launch the tool, then from the first Window of the software “Browse” your corrupted 64 bit Zip file and then click on “Repair” button as shown in Figure 1.

Zip Repair 64 Bit - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step 2: Once the Zip file repair process is completed, you can view repaired 64 bit Zip file contents as shown in Figure 2. If you want to save them then continue by clicking on the next arrow button.

Zip Repair 64 Bit - Preview File Contents

Figure 2. File Contents

Step 3: Now you can click on “Save” button to save all your repaired Zip file contents as shown in Figure 3.

Zip Repair 64 Bit - Save Repaired

Figure 3. Save Repaired