Repair ZIP Archive Corrupted after Error 42125


ZIP is an archive file format that is used for lossless data compression. Zip file has very powerful inbuilt algorithm that permits to compress multiple files with ease. It contains multiple files as well as folders that may have been compressed. With the help of this technique you can easily compress large amount of data in a single zip file and thus saving a lot of space on system hard disk.

A Zip file is a compressed file format, using a file extension .zip and .zipx. It uses an advanced compression and encryption techniques such as lossless data compression etc. It provides convenient way to download large number of file by archive them into a single zip file within less span of time. Sometime antivirus software that is installed in your system might cause disaster situation and displayed the error message such as C:/Documents and settings/…/data error 42125. This type of error message displayed when your ZIP archive get corrupted and you are not able to open important archive files. Want to extract zip archive corrupted error 42125 file? Repair corrupted zip software is one of the most powerful and efficient tool that is used to repair ZIP archive corrupted error 42125. Not only this, this tool is also used to repair password protected zip file in an effective and efficient way.

Reason behind ZIP Archive Corrupted Error 42125

  1. CRC Error: CRC stands for cyclic redundancy code. It indicates that some data in your zip file is damaged. Sometime the CRC value of extracted file does not match with the CRC value of original file. In this case WinZip will display CRC error message.

  2. File system corruption: It is one of the most possible reasons of corrupted zip file error 42125.Whenever file system get corrupted it damage the registry entry of the system and you are not able to extract the zip file correctly.

  3. Header Corruption: Header is a place on hard disk where all the information such as file size, file type will be saved.It will encounter whenever there is a fault in application or while zipping and unzipping the files. It alter few important components of file system which result in zip file corruption and you won't able to extract files from ZIP Archive.

  4. Malfunction/Virus Attack: Malwares may attack when you try to download zip file from the internet. After virus attack your system behaves unusually and you are not able to extract files from it.

  5. Third party Application:If you are using unauthentic third party application for extracting the files from ZIP archive, this may result in corruption of zip files.

  6. During transferring a file:Improper use of the system such as abruptly shut down of system while transferring a zip file from one device to another.

Salient features of ZIP Archive Repair Software

  1. This is one of the best repair tool approved by industry experts to know how to fix error 42125 ZIP archive is corrupted within few mouse clicks.

  2. It has powerful inbuilt scanning features that scan the corrupted zip archive due to error 42125 and effectively extracts all files present in it.
  3. It can renovate corrupt ZIP and ZIPX file with ease.
  4. It is compatible with almost all version of Windows operating system like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows server 2003 and 2007 etc.
  5. ZIP archive repair software is one of the best suggested tools that are used to accomplish inaccessible zip file repair process.
  6. Apart from this, you can also use this powerful tool if you want to fix damaged zip folder .If you want to fix damaged zip folder,then make use of this utility to repair all damaged zip folder.For more info, RefeR link:

Steps to repair ZIP Archive Corrupted Error 42125

Step1: Download and install the demo version of Zip repair software on your computer to fix corrupted Zip file. Then execute the application by double clicking on the desktop shortcut icon to know how to repair ZIP Archive corrupted error 42125.

Step 2: Select the corrupted ZIP archive and then click on “Repair” button.

ZIP Archive Corrupted Error 42125- Main Screen

Step 3: Once the repairing process is completed, you can easily "Preview" repaired ZIP archive . If you want to save them continue with the next arrow button.

ZIP Archive Corrupted Error 42125 - File Contents

Step 4: Now you can click on “Save” button to save all repaired ZIP Archive file contents.

ZIP Archive Corrupted Error 42125 - Save Repaired