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I am trying to send audio attachments in an email. They are 10 minutes in length each. They are too large to send via my 2 email servers with a 10mb limit. Does anyone know the easiest way to zip these so the promoter can unzip them and listen to them?

Of course! You can Zip Audio Files Mac using Remo MORE Software.

Files you download from the internet are often compressed or zipped so that they take up less space and arrive much faster than files haven’t been compressed. WAV, MP3 and WMA are the audio formats which store all kinds of sound information from short clips of applause for displaying a website to long tracks of music for preserving the latest song. If high quality is needed, these multimedia files can take up a lot of storage room. Compressing these files into Smaller ZIP archives makes them more convenient to store and faster to transmit on the internet. You can easily identify these compressed files by their extensions, such as .Zip and .sit etc (a common standard used in OS X and Windows).Before you use these files, you must unzip them. To compress audio files Mac, you have to convert it to lower bit rate, which is a measure of how much data is transmitted in a second. The higher the bit rate of an audio file, the higher the sound quality and the greater the amount of space it takes up on a hard disk.

Compress Audio Files Mac:

  • 1. Add audio files to audio compressor.
  • 2. Choose different compression methods.
  • 3. Start to compress audio files on Mac

Benefits of Zipping Audio Files in Mac:

  • Easy assistance: You can experience an amazing and ease to operate audio file in the form of MP3 format which assists you providing good quality of audio.

  • Less usage of hard drive: It is an easy task to Zip Audio Files Mac with the help of Remo MORE Software. You can save more files in less space when you compress audio files with reasonable settings.


To Compress Audio Files Mac, make use of very powerful Remo MORE Software. Its inevitable power packed mechanism can compress all kind of audio files to ZIP and RZIP files within few minutes. Using this compression format you can compress the audio files individually as well as in groups. This software is concerned about the security of your data files as there are option to compress and safeguard the audio files through password methods. These audio files can be uploaded to any email accounts and cloud computing servers. This software can compress all low quality and high quality audio files with great compression ratio. It is available for free of cost with simple installation and easy to use procedure. This software supports all Mac OSX versions including the latest Mavericks. Hence, it is one of the best software to Zip Audio Files Mac.

Steps to zip audio files Mac using Remo MORE Software:

Step 1: Download and install the demo version of the software and Run the software. From the Main screen select “Manage” option.

Compress Audio Files Mac- Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Page

Step 2: From the next Window select “Compress” button to zip audio files.

Compress Audio Files Mac - Select Compress

Figure 2. Select Compress

Step 3: Now, select “Create new ZIP/RZIP file” a new empty ZIP file will be created.

Compress Audio Files Mac - Create New Zip File

Figure 3. Create New Zip File

Step 4: Add the audio of that compressed ZIP and click on compress button to complete.

Compress Audio Files Mac - Compressing Process

Figure 4. Compressing Process