Repair Bad Zip File


The ZIP file format is the most commonly used compression formats on Windows operating system for file compression. A ZIP file may contain one or more files. By compressing the files, their overall size can be reduced to some extent. These files then can be viewed or accessed by unzipping or uncompressing the .ZIP file. However, a zipped file will not open unless you repair bad zip file, if it is an incomplete ZIP file i.e. it has not downloaded properly or it has not been prepared properly.

Bad Zip files occur when a file is not compressed properly, for example – the process of compression is halted due to any reason. It can be due to a sudden power surge due to which your operating system or the hard drive gets corrupted & the system becomes inaccessible. The compression process may also remain incomplete if the system is turned off in between the process, intentionally or due to low battery. In such cases you can repair bad ZIP file using a powerful ZIP file repair software. It is also possible to repair bad zipped file when it is corrupted due to any reason. To know more on how to repair encrypted ZIP file, click here -

The Repair Bad Zip file Tool can fix corrupted zip files in the event of a serious virus or malware infection that may corrupt or damage the zip file, thereby making it inaccessible. Therefore, it is always advised that you should use an updated anti-virus to keep your system safe because not only zip files but all your other important data, that is stored on your hard disk, may get affected or even get deleted without your knowledge. Even if you connect any external drive to the infected system, its contents might get affected too. One might also face zip file damage on Windows 7 system. Refer to know more about how to perform bad ZIP file repair on Window 7 system.

The zipped files in the external drives like USB drives, memory cards, external hard drives, etc might also become damaged if these devices are not removed properly from the system while the zipping process is going on. To overcome all the above problems you require a professional tool that can repair invalid zip file.

Following are the common errors that occur when you try to open a zip file –

  • Cannot open file: does not appear to be a valid archive
  • The archive is corrupt or damaged
  • Unknown compression method
  • Compressed (zipped) folder is invalid or corrupted
  • Bad CRC

Main features of Repair Bad Zip Tool –

  • Can repair Zip & Zipx compression formats.
  • Corrects the CRC and other errors and keep the data integrity intact.
  • Support to repair bad zipped file with size up to 4GB. Peek In to this page to know how to repair archived zip files
  • Support to repair corrupted, damaged or badly created zip files & folders on external drives like memory cards, flash drives, USB drives, etc.
  • Preview option enable you to view the zip file contents before repairing them.

Steps to repair damaged zip folder & files –

1. Download & install Zip File Repair Tool and run the software.

2. Choose the zip file by clicking “Browse” on the main screen & click “Repair” button.

Repair Bad ZIP Tool - Main Screen

3. Select the files you want to repair from the list generated & click “Next” button.

Repair Bad ZIP Tool - File Contents

4. Select the folder or drive in which you want to save the repaired zip file & click “Save” button.

Repair Bad ZIP Tool - Save Repaired

If you are looking to get back deleted zipped files then see “How to retrieve zip files?”