Tool to Extract Corrupt Zip File


Zip format is used to compress large number of files and send them via emails. You need to download the zip file carefully and extract all files from it. However, the improper download may results in corruption of ZIP file and the entire data becomes inaccessible to the user. Then you need to make use of ZIP repair software, to extract corrupted ZIP file. This software enables you to access corrupt ZIP file data. You can use this application to fix damaged ZIP files on your Windows computers. Visit: to know how to repair compressed Zip folder.

There are lots of reasons responsible for ZIP file corruption. Some scenarios are virus attack, disturbance while downloading the ZIP file, CRC errors, unreliable internet connection, etc. If your ZIP file is corrupted due to such unexpected events, then you cannot access corrupt ZIP file data. While trying to extract corrupted ZIP file, you may get the error message like:

“The compressed ZIP file is invalid or corrupted”

You can resolve this error by making use of ZIP repair software. This software will detect the errors in the ZIP file and repairs the same. Get more information on how to fix invalid file error.

If you are a regular user of ZIP file, one day you may face the problem like this: One of your friends emailed you the ZIP file and you have downloaded it from the internet. You have the WinZip or WinRAR software in your system, to extract the compressed ZIP archive file. But when you try to open the downloaded ZIP folder, the WinZip program fails to open corrupt ZIP file. The key reason behind this problem is ZIP file corruption. To fix damaged Zip folder issues, you can get here the best file repair software. One can see the complete procedure to repair incomplete ZIP file after corruption at -

Sometimes you may create ZIP folder and stored some important files in it. Then you have deleted the original files from hard disk, to save the space and you don’t have the backup of those files. The problem may occur when the created ZIP file is not opening due to corruption. It may affect on your business or personal work if the files are important for you. The ZIP file is corrupted and you don’t have backup to restore. What can you do in this critical situation? There is no need to think more about this problem since the Repair ZIP software is easily available. This application is developed, especially to fix bad Zip file and extract all data from it. Thus you can save your valuable data and time by using this software. If you have a zip file that is not downloaded completely then you can extract it using this tool. For more info visit

Repair ZIP is a fast and easy repair software. It is capable to fix the corruption issues in Zip and Zipx header. To get more detail about Zip file header repair check It supports to repair Zip file of size 4 GB or more than this. You can use it on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, etc. It can also display the preview of the data that is recovered from the corrupted Zip file. Therefore you can download the demo version of this software and evaluate the result by using the preview feature. Once the Zip file is repaired, you can save it on any storage media. You can know more on how to fix compressed Zip folders error, by visiting this link -

Steps to open corrupt ZIP file

Step 1: From the main page of the software, “Browse” the corrupted Zip file and then click on “Repair” button as shown in Fig A.

Extract Corrupted Zip File - Main Screen

Fig A: Main Page

Step 2: Now wait for a few minutes while the software repairing the Zip file as shown in Fig B.

Extract Corrupted Zip File - Repair Process

Fig B: Repairing Process

Step 3: Once the Zip file is repaired, browse the location where you want to save the file. Then click on “Save” button as shown in Fig C.

Extract Corrupted Zip File - Save File

Fig C: Save File

Also, a YouTube video has been created to take you through a step by step procedure on how to repair and extract a corrupted Zip file. To watch the video, visit this page: