How to Open Partially Downloaded Zip File?


“Actually I have an incomplete downloaded zip file in my computer and I just want to extract only that much of the file content which is present in it. Can anyone please tell me is there any software to extract partially downloaded zip files?”

Is this sound similar? If yes, then here you will get answers for all your questions.

So, you downloaded a ZIP file from Internet and when you tried to open it, you faced an error message “Invalid Zip file” or “Corrupt Zip file” and it asks you to download the file again. For zip files that are small in size, it is ok but what about files with very large size? Nobody will agree to download that file again.

There are two scenarios here, that can be considered –

  1. If all the contents of Zip file are important for you, then you need to download the files once again. There is no other option.
  2. If you want only some files that were downloaded during partial download, then you can make use of the Repair corrupted zip tool to unzip partially downloaded file.

The ZIP file format is commonly used for data compression and data archiving of large-sized files. With the help of ZIP files, all the related files can be kept together which makes transferring, downloading, e-mailing and storing of files easier. But like any other format with a well-defined structure, zip files are also highly sensitive to corruption issues. In case of even a slight corruption in the file structure, no standard zip tool will be able to extract its content. The reason is that the zip tools check the zip files for integrity i.e. Cycle Redundancy Check (CRC). If the CRC values of original file and the extracted ones, doesn’t match, then the standard tools will not extract them. Like in the case mentioned above, the zip file was not downloaded completely, that is why you were not able to unzip partially downloaded file. In that case Repair corrupted zip utility will help to extract partially downloaded zip file.

Other reasons for ZIP file corruption can be a virus or spyware attacks, hard disk failure, abrupt system shutdown, bad sector, etc. The software mentioned here can open partially downloaded zip files and zip files corrupted due to any of the above mentioned reasons. Upon running a corrupted ZIP file following errors might be encountered -

  • Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) error (Visit to fix zip files after CRC errors)
  • “Cannot open file: It does not appear to be a valid archive”
  • “File is corrupted, WinZip cannot open it”
  • Broken downloads

The repair corrupted zip tool has advanced and powerful repairing algorithms that works perfectly for repairing even very large sized zip files. The tool works on the read-only principle; therefore your original files will never get affected during the fixing process. It makes a copy of the corrupted file, repairs it and creates a new healthy file that is absolutely free from corruption. The application can also unzip partially downloaded file that are saved on any external storage device like SD cards, USB drives, external hard drives, etc. Using this software, you ca know how to Unzip files on Windows 10 without WinZip with ease. The tool is available as a free evaluation version using which the user can even preview the contents of the repaired zip files, before buying the full version. Repair corrupted zip works on all the versions of Windows Operating System including the 32-bit & 64-bit versions of Windows 7 OS. This software also helps to repair zipx files without any difficulty

Method to extract partially downloaded Zip –

Step 1 – To open partially downloaded zip, “Browse” for it from the main screen and click on “Repair”.

Extract Partially Downloaded Zip - Main Screen

Fig A. Main Page

Step 2 – The tool will start repairing the selected file.

Extract Partially Downloaded Zip - Repair Process

Fig B. Repairing Process

Step 3 – After that the repaired file contents are displayed. Now click “Browse” to save the contents on a desired destination. (Available only in full version)

Extract Partially Downloaded Zip - Save File

Fig C. Save File