How to Repair Zip File after Download Error?


Zip file is a compressed file format which is widely used to store multiple files or folders in a single compressed file. Using this Zip file you will be able to keep all your important data together and makes emailing, storing and downloading your important files easier. These files are archive form of files which can be created by using WinZip Application.

Sometimes you may download an important Zip file using internet. But after downloading the Zip file, when you try to access it you may find an error message like "cannot open file", "Does not appear to be a valid archive" or "Zip file is corrupted" etc. In such situations, you will try to download the file again and again but what if you get the same error even after downloading the file multiple times? You will be in worry how to repair Zip file after download error. Don’t worry you can easily overcome from this errors just by using an advanced repair tool named as Zip File Repair Tool. With the help of this advanced tool, you can also fix broken Zip files very effectively.

You need to repair Zip file after Download error due to following reasons

    Virus Infected File: A virus infected Zip file will get download when you try to download it but you will not be able to access or extract files. This is mainly because, virus has corrupted its structure and made the contents inaccessible resulting in weird errors. In order to repair such Zip files, you need to make use of Zip Repair Tool to repair virus infected Zip file.

Large Sized Zip File: When you download a Zip file via internet which is larger in size, there are chances that your downloaded Zip file will get broken or corrupted. In such condition, you have to make use of Zip File Repair Tool to know how fix corrupted Zip file.

Incomplete Download: You will get errors when you try to access downloaded Zip file because of corrupted Zip archive. Zip archive gets corrupted due to incomplete download. Incomplete download of a Zip file is a result of failure in net connection, sudden system shutdown, etc. In all these cases, you won’t be able to access or open partially downloaded Zip file so to open partially downloaded Zip file, you have to make use of Zip File Repair Tool.

Sailent features of Zip File Repair Tool

Zip File Repair Tool is a fast and efficient tool that helps you to repair Zip file after download error. By using this tool, you can easily repair large Zip files. You can effortlessly fix 32 and 64 bit Zip files. This tool instantly resolves all Zip file corruption issues. This tool guides step by step method to know how to repair Zip file after download error. This tool is loaded with a strong algorithm that can effectively repair Zip file after download error. No need to have any technical knowledge, in order to use this user friendly tool. This efficient tool can also be used to fix Zip checksum error. It comes with preview option, which is very useful to view the files that can be extracted from corrupted file after download.

Steps to repair Zip file after download error

Step1: First download and install ZIP file repair tool on your computer to perform Zip file repair after download error.

Step2: Run the software by double clicking on the desktop icon and “Browse” to start repairing Zip file after download error. Now, click on “Repair” button to start repair process as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Zip File After Download Error - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step3: Wait while the repair process is going on and once it is completed, you will get the preview of repaired file contents as shown in Figure 2.

Repair Zip File After Download Error - Preview File Contents

Figure 2. Preview File Contents

Step4: Finally, you can “Browse” the place where you want to save repaired file and then click on “Save” button as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Zip File After Download Error - Save Repaired File

Figure 3. Save Repaired File