How to Repair Zip File Error?


I have lost all my data like images, Docx files, presentation video, songs, spreadsheet etc in zipped archive folder. I have tried many time to extract my files from zip files but couldn’t access, an error message is displayed as “the archive is corrupt or damaged” so in such intricate situation, what can I do for recovering my data as possible without formatting  any one file content?

Well, just relax! If you have come across with the situation mentioned above because now you can repair zip file after error using ZIP Repair software. To know how to fix Zip checksum error, visit:

Zip is the file format, which is the commonly- used data compression and data archiving format used for compressing the large-sized files. The file may include number of files and many types of folders that are stored and accessed when required. There are number of compression algorithms that are used to compress the files and store them in this ZIP format. Zip files helps in keeping all the related files together and makes transportation, e-mailing, downloading and storing of files easier but errors while extracting these Zip files are also a common issue.

Sometimes when you are unzipping your files from a Zip archive, you may encounter an error message popping up saying “An error occurred while unzipping. One or more files were not successfully unzipped. The error code is 110.” This error in turn doesn’t allow you to access the data from the zip archive. Thus, you need to repair zip file after error using effective ZIP Repair software. But before that,

Let’s see some common issues which cause damage to the Zip File:

  • Majority of files that are saved in the system including the Zip files get corrupted if they are virus infected.
  • Extracting the contents, when the amount of space is less in a disk space and unexpected system shutdown while extracting the Zip files into your system.
  • If you have an older version of Windows, you may not be able to unzip a file which is created on a newer OS. At this kind of situation you may encounter error.
  • Error encountered when the Zip file is itself corrupt due to CRC, broken download, power failure etc. In order to repar Zip file after download error or corrupted Zip file due to incomplete download you can make use of this effective software.

You can repair zip file after error (occurred due to any of the reasons mentioned above) using the best ZIP Repair software. This software is extremely easy to use software as compared to other repair application. It is used by Window users to repair issues encountered while using zip archive. This software is capable of repairing 32 and 64 bit Zip archive created with WinZip tool. Besides this, It repair corrupt WinZip File where all the data present in it becomes inaccessible due to virus infection, Power surge etc.

This application can also fix damaged Zipx Files corrupted due to CRC or download error and also to recover root file in the Zip archives. This is robust software that reads and extracts the contents without modifying the original corrupted Zip file. This software completely scans the damaged Zip files and extracts every single bit of data from corrupt Zip files. It provides easy to operate, self-descriptive, more interactive, user friendly graphical user interface such that no technical skills are required for operating the ZIP Repair software. Hence, best software for Zip File Error Repair. This best software also facilitates you to repair large Zip files in a very effective way.

Steps for Zip File Error Repair:

Step 1: Download and Install the demo version of the software and launch the tool as icon on the desktop. Carry on with the main screen to proceed with the repair process. Use the “Browse” option to find the damaged ZIP file for Zip File Error Repair. Click on the “Repair” button which starts the repair process.

ZIP File Error Repair - Main Screen

Step 2: After completion of the repair process, a list of data present in the repaired Zip file will be displayed. Press “Next” button to proceed.

ZIP File Error Repair - File Contents

Step 3: you can view all the contents present in the respective Zip file and "save" the repaired Zip file to desired location on computer.

ZIP File Error Repair - Save Repaired