Fix Zip checksum error

How can I fix Zip checksum error? This kind of question will usually arise when the Zip file gets corrupted and when you try to open a corrupt Zip file then this error will be displayed. So, in order to know how to fix Zip checksum error you have arrived at the safe place. Refer this page and get a perfect solution for fixing Zip checksum error in a short span of time.


ZIP is a popular and most widely used compressed file format introduced by WinZip. This Zip file uses a standard and advanced encryption technique to compress multiple files into a single file or to create a compressed archive. Any type of files can be compressed to form a Zip format such as video files, music files, images, documents, html files etc. By doing this the memory space of your storage device increases and even these Zip files are very easy to transfer via mails. It also uses a standard decryption technique to unzip or extract data from Zip files.

Sometimes, when you try to open or extract data from Zip file you may encounter with checksum error. Checksum is used to scan files stored on computer before they load on your operating system, and if the checksum bit at source code doesn’t match with that at the receiver end then this error will be displayed. So to get rid of this problem, you need to Fix Zip checksum error; this can be done by using Zip File Repair Tool. It is an efficient Zip checksum error fixer tool which can also be used to repair compressed Zip folder in an effective way.

Causes for Zip checksum error

  • Virus Attack: When you try to extract data from virus infected Zip file, then you may face checksum error which is due to Zip file corruption as virus is a common threat that results in file corruption stored on your storage device.
  • Changing File Extension: When you try to change the Zip file extension from .zip to some other compressed file format by using some unreliable third party tool, then there are chances for Zip file corruption that leads to checksum error.
  • Interruption: While extracting data from Zip file, an interruption like sudden system shutdown or power surge may leads to Zip file corruption. As a result of this you may encountered with checksum error.

There are few more reasons that result Zip file corruption such as improper download of Zip file, problem while compressing files, file header corruption, OS reinstallation etc. Due to all these scenarios you may face Zip checksum error and to fix checksum error in Zip file you need to use Zip file repair tool.

Key features of Zip file repair tool

Zip File Repair Tool is an advanced utility which has been reviewed and suggested by industry professionals for Zip file checksum error fix. It has an ability to instantly resolve all Zip file corruption issues in order to fix Zip checksum error. This Zip checksum error fixer tool can also be used to repair Zipx file. It has been designed with powerful repairing program that that helps in fixing Zip checksum error. This advanced utility can easily repair a large Zip file which has got corrupted or damaged. This repair tool has a strong integrated algorithm that can effectively fix checksum error in Zip file. If you required a tool for Zip repair 64 bit and 32 bit, then it is a best choice as it can easily repair 64 bit and 32 bit Zip files. It is compatible on all versions of Windows and Mac operating systems for Zip file checksum error fix. This Zip checksum error fixer has a simple user friendly graphical interface that guides you how to fix Zip checksum error in step by step procedure. After fixing Zip checksum error, it will facilitates you to Preview the fixed Zip file before restoration.

Follow the steps to know how to fix Zip checksum error:

Step 1: “Browse” the file which is showing checksum error from main screen which you wish to fix. Subsequently, just press “Repair” button.

Fix Zip checksum error - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step 2:  Wait until the file gets repaired and as soon as the process will get complete you will be able to “Preview” the repaired file content.

Fix Zip checksum error - File Contents

Figure 2. Preview File Contents

Step 3: Lastly you will be asked to “Save” the repaired files.

Fix Zip checksum error - Save Repaired

Figure 3. Save Repaired