Fix Damaged zip Folder


Compressed file technology like zip has given a path to a new era of information exchange. Zipping combines a group of files into a single file. When it comes to transferring a great number of files together there cannot be a better option than zipping. Zip files are very versatile and provide storage and exchanging of files through the network. WinZip is software used in Windows Operating System for compressing files into Zip format in order to reduce the size of the file by removing unwanted information from the files.

Zip is an archive file format that uses sophisticated compression technique for zipping the files into sub files. However, at certain times zip files get damaged. A corrupt zip file does not allow accessing its content. Only by using a repair tool like damaged ZIP folder fix can make it reusable. Zip Repair can help you to fix any damage caused in the worst condition of data corruption. Read this article to know the effectiveness of this software and how users have liked this product. See restore zip file in case of zip file deletion or loss.

Events causing damage to Zip folder:

Header corruption: Every file has got two main sections one is the header and other data. Similarly even zip file has a header part which has to be verified first to access the data from the data section. If header is corrupted then it’s not possible for a user to view its contents. The reason for header corruption may be due to improper handling of storage devices, file system corruption, software malfunctioning etc.

Attack by Malevolent program: Malevolent program is viruses that can attack any file and cause damage to its content. They spread rapidly in an uncontrollable manner and cause the damage of all the files coming in contact with it.  Hence, it’s advised for computer users to install an antivirus and perform a scan when any external device is connected to the system or file downloaded from the internet.

Corrupt registry entry:  When there is a corrupt registry entry on your Windows Operating System, it can interfere with your zip file and cause the damage of your Zip files stored on your system

Zip Repair utility is a premium tool that can fix damaged zip folder in all the possible scenarios of corruption. It can repair invalid zip file and provide a preview of its content after fixing the damage. This utility is capable of fixing damaged ZIP folder of any kind; zip or zipx folders. Zip files having file size of 4GB and more can be fixed in just few mouse clicks.

Zip repair tool is capable to fix all issues associated with your Zip file. It can fix broken Zip file effectively because it has strong inbuilt scanning algorithm. No matter how the Zip file is corrupted, the tool can extract all data from the Zip file. If you are really serious about broken Zip file, just look at this webpage & learn how it is possible to perform damaged ZIP folder fix.

It occupies only some amount of space of your computer memory to be installed and used. It can repair bad zip folders on your Windows operating system versions like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows server 2003 and 2008. You can even save your repaired zip folder on any of the storage device compatible with your system. Try out the demo version to know how to repair corrupt zip files.

Follow the below steps to fix damaged zip folder

1. Download the software and install it on your PC. For fixing damaged ZIP folder, browse for it and then click on “Repair” option.

Zip folder Repair - Main Screen

2. Next screen provides you with the preview of the fixed zip folder.

Zip folder Repair - File Contents

3. Once the preview is done purchase the product to save your fixed zip folder back to the system.

Zip folder Repair - Save Repaired