How to Fix Zip File Error Access Denied?


I have stuck in strange muddle; when trying to read ZIP file from my system. I have download Zip file from internet, and whenever I try to decompress the zip file, it display an error message like ‘incomplete operation, access denied’. So I download that particular Zip file from the sites again, but I was unable to open it due to some unknown reason. I want to extract important zip file. Is it possible to fix access denied zip error? If yes, then please tell me how to fix zip file error access denied? Don't Panic! Just go through this article and know more about how to fix zip file error access denied in an easy and efficient way.

ZIP is well known compression and decompression technique which is widely used to encode and decode set of multiple files in a single file which makes easy transfer of multiple files over internet. The main advantages of compression of files are, it reduces overall file size and provides data security against any unauthorized user. WinZip and WinRAR are standard software which is widely used by professional to encode and decode ZIP archive.

However, zip file is highly prone to virus, so is it possible that it may get corrupted and display an error message like incomplete process, access denied when you trying to open it. Generally, these types of message encounter when setting of your system do not match with the settings of download zip file. Do not worry! Repair Corrupted Zip Software is one of the most recommended software used to fix zip file error access denied with utmost ease. It can easily fix access denied zip error in short span of time. It also allow to repair ZIP Archive corrupted after error 42125 with ease.

Common reason that lead to Zip file access denied error:

  • Bad CRC: Cyclic redundancy check is an error detecting code which is used to detect accidental changes to raw data such as raw photos, raw videos and more. But sometimes, due to some known and unknown reason your important zip file get corrupted and it show a CRC error while trying to extract the zip files.
  • Use Unauthorized Third Party Tool for Compression: When you use any unauthorized third party application for compression of files, then it might be possible that your zip file get corrupted and it display an error message such as “access denied” while trying to access it.
  • Interruption while Downloading Zip Files from Internet: Any type of interruption like power surge, sudden shut down of system while transferring zip files from one system to another or while downloading a zip file from the internet may lead to the corruption of zip files.

There are other reasons too that lead to corruption of Zip file like less storage space while extracting files, virus attack, header corruption, etc. Regardless of reason behind corruption of Zip file, Repair corrupted Zip software easily fix access denied zip error and produce healthy Zip files without affecting the original file. Apart from this, you can use this eminent application to repair any type of Zip file errors in an effective way. To know more about how to repair Zip file error, visit the following link:

Striking features of Repair Corrupted Zip Software

  • It has inbuilt powerful scanning technique that helps you in fixing Zip file error access denied in just a few clicks of mouse.
  • Repair corrupted Zip software is a well-known software to fix Zip file error message with ease.
  • It can perform access denied error Zip file fix and effectively convert unreadable Zip file into readable Zip file.
  • This software has fully loaded with striking features that make this software more efficient compared to other. It can easily fix large or corrupted Zip file within couple of minutes.
  • It will support advanced version of Windows Operating System such as Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows Vista and so on.
  • This repair application also allow you to fix Zip file association on Windows 7 computer. For more info, visit:
  • It has capability to fix access denied error in Zip file which is stored on different storage devices.

Easy steps to Fix Zip File Error Access Denied

1. Download and install the application on your Windows system. As soon as the software is launched, you can view a window with a "Browse" button. Click it and select the Zip file you want to fix and then click on “Repair” button.

Fix Zip File Error Access Denied - Main Screen

2. On the next window you will be able to preview your fixed zip file and its content. There are basically two options of previewing file, first is you can view the single fixed file and second is you can view it under a folder if you have more than one file.

Fix Zip File Error Access Denied - File Contents

3. When the next window is displayed, the application ask you to select the desired destination to save your fixed Zip file. After selecting click on “Save” option.

Fix Zip File Error Access Denied - Save Repaired