Repair Invalid Zip File


Have you downloaded any zip file from the internet and encountered an error like “Cannot open file: it appears to be an invalid archive”. Most of them might have come across such error when opening a zip file. In such situations one might think of downloading it again from the net. Doing this is a tiring task because firstly it consumes lot of time and secondly you won’t have any guarantee that second time you download the file may be accessible one.

Zip is used to store multiple files under one single file by compressing them. These files are highly sensitive to corruption. If there is a little alteration in its file structure it can result in damage. Such files have to be handled in a safe way. However, with all the safety taken in advance, you may end up in an inaccessible file due to damage from unexpected incidents. During such times opt for one of the top branded tool called Zip Repair and open invalid ZIP file in a few minutes. There is an additional software provided in this site to retrieve zip file in case of file loss.

Reasons that cause invalid zip file error

CRC Error: CRC is a technique used in digital data transmission to check the accuracy of file transferred. It calculates CRC value of each file added to it and compares the value with the CRC value of the same file when extracted. When it does not match the value, WinZip throws an error. Such errors are caused due to incomplete transmission of zip files. (There is a method to repair Zip files CRC failed errors)

Antivirus Scanning:  Antivirus is a utility used on computers to protect the files saved on it from threats like Trojans and Worms. When you scan a device having a zip file infected by a virus but still accessible, this tool may delete the whole file thinking it as a malware. This causes the loss of the all the files that were compressed in it.

Changing file extension: Users sometimes try to change the file extension of the zip files according to their convenience using any of the third party tools. When such tool is not suitable to convert such files then it may result in the destruction of its file structure which makes it inaccessible to users.

However, it’s always recommended to use some precautionary measures before facing a data corruption in files and such prevention include taking backup of your zip files, using some spyware protection tool, performing file conversion by a technically sound person etc.

Zip Repair is highly efficient and prominent software that can be used by computer users to fix invalid zip files. It can repair damaged zip folder that is inaccessible to due CRC errors. This tool helps to repair invalid zip file on all versions of Windows operating system. It can even fix bad zip files with very large file size.

With all these mentioned features additionally this tool can repair invalid zip file from all sorts of storage media like hard drive, USB drive and memory cards etc. This tool can fix invalid zip file of all types like .zip and .zipx. It supports fixing of 32-bit and 64-bit zip files. It can repair damaged zip files in just a few mouse clicks after installation.

To fix damaged WinZip file that is present in the system the user needs to use this zip repair tool. This application has been specially designed for quickly repairing and getting back the contents that are stored in it effectively.

With the help of this tool you can also repair Zip file after download error due to which you won't be able to access it. To know how to repair Zip file after dwonload error, do visit this page:

Steps to fix invalid zip file:

1. Download and install the software on your Windows operating system. As soon as the software is launched you can view a window with a browse button. Click and it and select the location of the damaged zip file you want to fix and click on “Repair” button.

Repair invalid ZIP file - Main Screen

2. On the next screen you will be able to preview your fixed zip file and its content. There are basically two options of previewing file, first is you can view the single fixed file and second is you can view it under a folder if you have more than one file.

Repair invalid ZIP file - File Contents

3.When the next window is displayed the software asks you to select the desired destination folder to save your fixed file. After selecting click on “Save” option.

Repair invalid ZIP file - Save Repaired