Fix Windows Vista ZIP file


Zip file is used to compress files. A Zip file consists of one or more files that may have been compressed. Zip file format is supported by many software utilities. It permits many compression algorithms and it generally uses extension “.Zip” or “.Zip”. Similarly it also supports its file format in Windows Vista. You can compress files to save memory space and to make file transfer easier that is to save overall size of the file; Zip file format is one of the well-known forms of data storage. Mainly Zip files are used to compress data to transfer over internet or to backup data.

Like any other file format with well-defined structure is also highly prone to corruptions, even a minor corruption in structure will not allow extracting contents from those files. The corruption can affect entire Zip file, multiple files or only a particular file. There are many reasons for Zip file corruption. You may think that your files corrupted permanently. If you are the one who faced such problem then no need to worry, there is an option to perform Windows Vista ZIP file fix. Repair Corrupted Zip software helps you to fix .Zip Windows Vista effectively. Before knowing about Windows Vista Zip file repair process, beware of the causes for Zip file corruption which are as given below.

Causes for Zip file corruption:

  • Virus attack to Zip file
  • Improper shutdown of system while Zipping
  • After downloading big sized Zip file from internet or transferring it from local network, the file may get corrupted due to any interruption
  • CRC errors that occur when there are any unfavorable changes in Zip file after transmission of Zip file
  • Not using reliable compression method for Zipping your files and folders leads to Zip file corruption
  • While trying to open Zip files we may get errors like these,
    • Compressed folder is invalid or corrupt
    • Bad CRC
    • Unknown compression method
    • The archive is corrupt or damaged

Whatever may be the reason for Zip file corruption, you can repair Windows Vista Zip files using Repair Corrupted Zip software easily. To repair large Zip files, you can visit the follwing link:

Features of Repair Zip software:

As mentioned above, you can fix .Zip Windows Vista using Repair Zip software. This tool repairs huge files and instantly resolves all corruption issues. This application can be used to fix Windows Vista ZIP file created on various versions of WinZip app. You can even fix .Zipx files using this utility. This software is nondestructive, read only software which makes sure that your original file is intact. This software is user friendly and anybody can use it. To repair Zip file for Windows Vista, you need to follow some simple steps. You can fix .Zip Windows Vista files on your computer within short period of time. Not only you can fix Windows Vista Zip file but also can perform Zip file repair on Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 OS of your computer.

Apart from this, you can also use thie powerful tool to repair Windows XP Zip file with ease. To know the basic steps of how to repair Windows XP Zip file, refer this link:

Steps for Windows Vista Zip file fix:

1. Download & install Repair Zip software on your Windows computer. Run the tool to get the screen as shown in Fig 1. Click on “Browse”, to select path of corrupted Zip file and click on “Repair” button.

Fix .zip Windows Vista - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

2. Software repairs Zip file and displays the files and folders in it as shown in Fig 2. Click on “Next” button to proceed to next window.

Fix .zip Windows Vista - File Contents

Fig 2. File Contents

3. Browse and select the location & click on “Save” button as shown in Fig 3., to save repaired Zip file contents.

Fix .zip Windows Vista - Save Repaired Zip

Fig 3. Save Repaired Zip