Learn How to Fix Broken Zip Files


Zip file is a compressed version of the file; its size is smaller than the original file. The file which is created by zipping a file has .zip extension. For example if you zip a word document file called project.doc of size 6.5 MB, its size reduces to 2.5 MB with a file named Zipping a file can help you to save lot of storage space on your hard disk. It is widely used to send a file through emails as the zipped files reduces the email transmission time. You can get many zip utilities to encrypt files and protect your files, especially when transferring them through emails.

However, there are some unknown logical errors, which cannot allow you to extract files from your zip file. You may get error message while trying to extract Zip files. It clearly indicates that your zip file is corrupted and you need to fix it. You cannot get back files from broken zip file until it is repaired. Now the question arises that is how to fix broken zip files?. It is not a big deal as there are many ways where you can easily repair bad Zip file and extract data from it. One of the best secure ways is utilizing the reliable Zip Repair software.

Many times you may see that the Zip file cannot extract after it was downloaded from the website or received through emails. You may face this situation when the Zip file is corrupted. It happens because of various reasons, such as disturbance during downloading, virus attack, CRC errors, errors in storage device, etc. You can easily resolve these problems, by using third party zip repair software. It works effectively to fix the errors associated with your Zip file. This software is also used to solve error 42125 that is one of the most common reasons for corruption in Zip archive files. It can easily repair ZIP archive corrupted error 42125 with ease.

It is very much possible to have the Zip file header issues because of open source format. You may get this problem because of errors in the application or process used to create Zip file. Because of header inconsistencies, the WinZip may report you the broken Zip file. During these times a query arise in mind how to fix broken zip files? At this situation, if you want to fix the broken Zip issues, use repair Zip software. It is designed with the special inbuilt algorithms, especially to fix the Zip file errors. It can allow you to extract all files from the damaged Zip folder after fixing broken zip files. Get more details on how to extract corrupted Zip file by using the software.

Even though, there are various third party Zip repair tools available on internet, you may get the question regarding the proper working of the software. Reliability and effective repair are the areas that repair your Zip file successfully. Secure repair tool is also important since you need to get back all lost information safely from the broken Zip file. This tool has all these features & is considered It is also possible to check the software functionality before purchasing it. What you all need to do is just download the demo version of the software and execute the file repair steps for fixing broken zip files. Once you got the repaired Zip file, you can view all the data. In order to save the file, you can activate the product. If you want to recover deleted or lost Zip files from hard disk or any other storage media, you should continue reading.

Repair Zip software can help you to resolve the following errors:

  1. Cyclic Redundancy Check (CRC) Errors
  2. File cannot open, the invalid archive (Read here to know complete procedure to fix invalid Zip file)
  3. WinZip cannot open because the file is corrupted

These are some of the common errors where you cannot extract data from the Zip files. Once you fix these errors by using Zip repair software, you can get back all lost information from the damaged Zip file. One can also repair & open split ZIP files, using this tool.

This software is a fast and result oriented repair application. It can repair broken Zip file, which may be created using WinZip, WinRar or any other utility. It can repair broken Zip file and recovers all data contained in it, like Word documents, excel file, graphics, etc. There are no technical skills required to operate this software. It has easy to use, self descriptive or user-friendly graphical interface. It can also repair the password protected Zip files. It supports to repair both 32-bit and 64-bit Zip files. You can fix Windows Vista Zip files and also repairs Zip files on other OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and Windows server 2008 using this utility. It is capable to fix broken Zip file that is stored on any storage device. To repair Zip file from removable media, you just need to connect it to the computer and let the software to fix Zip file from it. If you want to know more details on how to fix compressed Zip folders error, then visit here -

Steps explaining how to fix broken zip files:

Step1: First download and install the Zip repair software on your computer for fixing broken zip files. Then execute the application by double clicking on the desktop shortcut icon to know how to fix broken zip files.

Step2: From the first Window of the software “Browse” your corrupted Zip file and then click on “Repair” button as shown in Figure 1.

How to Fix Broken Zip File - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Page

Step3: Once the file repair process is completed, you can view repaired file contents as shown in Figure 2. If you want to save them continue with the next arrow button.

How to Fix Broken Zip File - File Contents

Figure 2. File Contents

Step4: Now you can click on “Save” button to save all repaired file contents as shown in Figure 3.

How to Fix Broken Zip File - Save Repaired File

Figure 3. Save Repaired File