Fix incomplete ZIP file after corruption


You are interested in the new movie which is released a few days back and making a lot of buzz in the city. You are searching this movie on internet and after spending a lot of time, finally you have found it. Then you will start downloading the movie in ZIP file format, it is around 700 MB and divided into 7 small parts. If the download process is interrupted, then you may get corrupted or incomplete ZIP file. When you try to unzip this file, only the error message that you may receive is the ZIP file is corrupted. To repair ZIP file unexpected end of archive error, one can know the procedure to execute at -

A lot of Windows users may get such problems while downloading movies or contents in the form of Zip file. If you want to repair incomplete ZIP file, then you can use repair tools. It can fix incomplete ZIP file by scanning the file deeply. One can also know more on how to fix broken ZIP file by visiting at - Besides incomplete download, there have been also other reasons for ZIP file corruption. Some of the important circumstances are explained below.

ZIP Header File Issues: The ZIP file header corruption may be caused by the application, which is used to create ZIP file. Because of inaccurate data on header file, the WinZip will report you that the ZIP file is corrupted. Refer here to know how to fix ZipX file

Corrupted Data: If the data in a ZIP file is damaged, then it may affect on entire ZIP file. The possible reason for data damage is interruption while downloading ZIP file from internet.

Virus or Malware Attack: Malware or virus attack on your system may duplicate the file content and leads to corrupted ZIP file.

Power Failure: The Power fluctuation while accessing ZIP archive causes damaged or broken ZIP file.

Missing End Signature: While extracting Zip files, you got an error of missing end signature then there are chances that Zip file get corrupted or damaged. In such situation, you can repair Zip file error missing end signature with the use of this software.

Apart from these, there have been also other reasons such as CRC errors, downloading ZIP file from unauthorized websites, bad sectors, etc. To resolve ZIP file issues under such circumstances, repair ZIP software can be used. It is a fast and reliable tool embedded with powerful algorithms that can repair bad ZIP file within a few minutes. It is supportive towards the ZIP files that are created using WinZip archive utility. Repair ZIP software will scan and retrieves every bit of information from the corrupted ZIP file. There is no technical skills required to operate this software and perform incomplete ZIP file repair. It offers easy-to-use, self-descriptive and user-friendly interface. This tool supports zip file repair on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista and other latest versions

Salient features of incomplete ZIP file repair software

  1. Effectively repairs broken or corrupted ZIP files
  2. Helps to recover all files and folders from the corrupted ZIP file
  3. Provides the preview of files that are recovered from damaged ZIP file
  4. It also allows you to repair unrecoverable Zip file read error in an effective way. If you want to know more about how to repair unrecoverable Zip file read error then, go through this link:
  5. Capable to fix multiple ZIP files instantly
  6. Compatible with all Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 Completely safe since it is a read-only application

If you want to recover deleted or lost ZIP file from your computer hard drive or removable drives, then you can visit here -

Tips to avoid ZIP file corruption

  1. Always prefer quality anti-virus tool to scan system for external threats.
  2. Do not change the file extension to the unsupported formats.
  3. Use reliable network connectivity while downloading ZIP file from internet.
  4. Avoid extracting ZIP file during power fluctuation

Steps to repair incomplete ZIP file

Step1: First download and install ZIP repair software on your computer.

Step2: Run the software by double clicking on the desktop icon and “Browse” the ZIP file that you need to repair. And then click on “Repair” button to start repair process as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Incomplete ZIP File - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

Step3: Wait while the repair process is going on and once it is completed, you will get the preview of repaired file contents as shown in Figure 2.

Repair Incomplete ZIP File - Preview File Contents

Figure 2. Preview File Contents

Step4: Finally you can “Browse” the place where you want to save repaired file and then click on “Save” button as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Incomplete ZIP File - Save Repaired File

Figure 3. Save Repaired File