How to Repair Large Zip File?


Is your large Zip file got corrupted or damaged? If is it so, then it will be the most frustrated moment. But no need to get worried as here you will get an efficient tool that will definitely help you to repair large zip file in just a few mouse clicks.

A Zip file is a compressed file format, using a file extension .zip and it is introduced by WinZip. Zip file uses an advanced compression and encryption techniques in order to create or open compressed archive. This is the file format, which is most widely used to store multiple files or folders as a single compressed file. If you are unable to send multiple files at a time or large file over internet for emailing then you can compress the files which make file attachment easier. Creating Zip files of your large multiple files can increase the storage space on your hard drive.

But what if the large Zip file is corrupted or you are unable to extract your important files from it? Then, this may lead to huge data loss and can put you in trouble. So, if you are unable to extract file from your large Zip file then make use of an efficient tool known as Zip File Repair Software which will very easily repair large Zip file. When you try to open a corrupt Zip file, you may get an error like CRC error, but this tool also help you to repair Zip file CRC error along with large Zip file repair process

Now let us have a look at few common scenarios that may corrupt large Zip file

  • Virus Infection: If the Zip file is attacked with a virus infection, then it may get corrupt and doesn’t allow you extract files from it.

  • Incomplete Download: The downloaded Zip file may refuse to open due to partial download or an interruption during downloading the file.

  • Header Corruption: Header is a part of Zip file where all the information such as file location, size, and file type will be saved. If this gets corrupted then you won’t be able to access files from your large Zip file.

  • Unsupported File Extension: Changing the Zip file format to unsupported Zip format may corrupt the file because of which you may get error messages when you try to open it.

  • Features of Zip file repair software to perform large Zip file repair:

    Zip file repair software is a fast and easy way to fix large Zip files. Whatever the corruption scenario, Zip file repair software can very easily repair large Zip file. It can also facilitates you to repair bad Zip file, broken Zip files, partially downloaded Zip file, invalid Zip file, etc. You can effectively fix large Zip files without modifying its file contents. It is simple graphical user interface helps you to fix large Zip files in couple of minutes. It is capable to instantly resolve all large Zip files issues. It will be able to fix 32 and 64 bit Zip files. This application can also be used to repair multipart Zip file. It has strong repairing algorithm using which you can perform large Zip file repair. Once you fix large Zip files, then before storing it back you can preview the repaired files.

    Steps to repair large Zip file:

    Step1: First download and install the Zip repair software on your computer to repair large Zip file. Then execute the application by double clicking on the desktop shortcut icon to know how to repair large Zip files.

    Step 2: From the first Window of the software “Browse” your large Zip file that you want to repair and then click on “Repair” button.

    Repair Large ZIP files - Main Screen

    Step 3: Once the file repair process is completed, you can view repaired file contents. If you want to save them continue with the next arrow button.

    Repair Large ZIP files - File Contents

    Step 4: Now you can click on “Save” button to save all repaired file contents.

    Repair Large ZIP files - Save Repaired