How to Repair Multipart Zip File?

Zip (.zip) is compressed file format that is; it contains multiple files that have been compressed into a single file. Zip file is mainly used to send over internet. But sometimes, even Zip file will be too large to send via emails, so it can be split into multiple parts or segments called as multipart Zip file. One can create a multipart Zip file using various apps like WinZip, 7-Zip etc. Multipart Zip file helps you to overcome email size limit, store large number of files in less storage space, assist with large downloads etc.


Apart from these advantages, there are chances that multipart Zip file may get corrupt due to which you won’t be able open or extract data from it. For example, when you try to unzip or decompress multipart Zip file using an incompatible version of WinZip or 7-Zip application, then you may face errors which leads to corrupt or damaged multipart Zip file. So if you want to extract data from multipart Zip file, then you need to repair it. Anyhow, you may find number of tools over internet for repairing multipart Zip file.

But to get the work done effectively or to extract all the files without any interruption or loss, you need to make use of an excellent and well known utility named as Zip File Repair Tool. It is an excellent multipart Zip repair tool to repair corrupt WinZip file in short fraction of time.

Common scenarios for multipart Zip file corruption

  • Virus Infection: Multipart Zip file may get corrupt and become unreadable if it is infected by external threats like virus or malwares. So, virus is the major scenario for multipart Zip file corruption.
  • Incomplete Download: While downloading multipart Zip, if your system gets abruptly shut down, then it may results in corrupt multipart Zip file.
  • Interruption during File Transfer: If you abruptly eject the external device to which you are transferring multipart Zip file, then it may leads to multipart Zip file corruption.
  • CRC Error: Multipart Zip file may also get corrupt due to CRC error. CRC error will occur if there is missing parity bit while extracting multipart Zip file.

There are several more reasons that lead to corrupt or broken multipart Zip file such as bad sectors on hard drive, insufficient disk space while uncompressing multipart Zip file. In order to overcome from all these scenarios or to know how to repair multipart Zip file, you can make use of this excellent Zip file repair tool. Using this highly advanced repair utility you can even repair corrupt 7Zip files within few clicks of mouse.

Salient features of Zip file repair tool

Zip File Repair is a perfect tool which has been reviewed and recommended by industry experts to repair multipart Zip file. It is safe, easy and fast repair process for repairing multipart Zip file. This advanced application is also capable to fix all the errors related to multipart Zip file without any complexity. It also has an ability to repair encrypted Zip file. Using this efficient repair tool, you can eve repair Zipx files. Multipart Zip file repair can be done on all versions of Windows OS. It has strong repairing algorithms that help you to repair multipart Zip file in short span of time. It also has simple GUI that provides onscreen instructions to know how to repair multipart Zip file in just few clicks of mouse. This utility can also be used to repair 64 bit and 32 bit Zip files. If you want to know how to repair 64 bit Zip file, then visit: It allows you to repair corrupt or damaged multipart Zip that is stored on any storage media.

Steps to repair multipart Zip file:

1. Download and install the software on your system. Then launch the tool, then from the first Window of the software “Browse” your corrupted Zip file and then click on “Repair” button as shown in Figure 1.

Repair Multipart Zip - Main Screen

Figure 1. Main Screen

2. Once the file repair process is completed, you can view repaired multipart Zip file contents as shown in Figure 2. If you want to save them continue with the next arrow button.

Repair Multipart Zip - File Contents

Figure 2. File Contents

3. Now you can click on “Save” button to save all repaired multipart Zip file contents as shown in Figure 3.

Repair Multipart Zip - Save Repaired

Figure 3. Save Repaired