Split ZIP files repair


“I have received an image file in zip files that end with numbers (.001, .002, etc). How do I unzip them?”

ZIP files can be easily broken into split files to fit the disk space. This is especially useful for large files like uncompressed images or video files that take up a lot of storage space. Splitting also makes it convenient to send the large zip files through emails as an attachment.  If you have received a list of sequential ZIP files with filenames such as “.001” and “.002” from a friend or colleague and don’t know what to do with it then split ZIP files repair will help you. It will extract the contents effectively by combining the split parts of the ZIP file and joining them to make a single uncompressed file.

Why zipping is done?


Zipping is usually done to

  • Match the memory space of a particular storage device, especially USB or memory cards which have a limited storage capacity.
  • Securely send some important files over the network through an emailing client (ZIP files are considered to be safer than other formats)
  • Match the attachment limit provided by various emailing clients.
  • Send a number of files in one go (no need to attach files one by one and send)


Although zipping is convenient and makes your work and like easier, but still there are some situations when zipping is not enough. Suppose you have an extremely large file that you need to send to a friend or say client. You decided to compress it and send, but even after zipping, the file size was way too high for sending over network. Then the only option left with you will be to split the ZIP file into various parts.

Sometimes you might corrupt the ZIP file by splitting it using an unreliable compression tool. This might make the file corrupt and when the receiver will get that file, he / she will not be able to combine the parts back into a single file. If the parts are not joined then you will not be able to access the contents that are zipped in that file.

If you are also facing the same problem then repair split ZIP files using the best in class corrupted ZIP file tool. The tool is compatible to repair and open split ZIP files which is either healthy or corrupted. The tool can be installed on any version of Windows OS, like Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 or 2008. Visit this link to know how to repair corrupted or split ZIP files on Windows 8.

To operate the software and to open split ZIP files, the user don’t have to be a technical expert. Even a person with least technical knowledge can also perform split ZIP files repair using this software. You just need to follow the on-screen instructions given in the wizard-style interface of the tool.

Apart from repairing and opening split ZIP files, it can also repair corrupted Zip files due to virus infection, incomplete download, bad compression, etc. Click to know the complete process of repairing and opening a partially or incomplete downloaded ZIP file.


Steps to repair split ZIP files

1. Launch the tool. Click on “Browse” button and select the folder where the split parts are located

Open Split ZIP Files - Main Screen

Figure A. Main Screen

2. Click on “Repair” button

Open Split ZIP Files - File Contents

Figure B. File Contents

3. Once the repair process completes, the software would display the contents of the repaired Zip file. Preview the contents of the Zip file.

Open Split ZIP Files - Save Repaired

Figure C. Save Repaired