Wipe Desktop Hard Drive

When disposing all your old hard drives, simply deleting your files or reformatting the drives will not be enough to ensure your privacy. When you delete a file it isn't actually removed from the disk. It is important to make sure all your personal information is removed before discarding the computer. When re-formatting a hard drive, most of the data remains though deleted and the space on the drive is just made available to be overwritten. Deleting and formatting does not wipe a hard drive. Deleted files can be undeleted and formatted hard drive data can be recovered using recovery software. To be in the safer side, you must wipe both the slack space and free space. You may have to take an extra step to completely wipe the hard drive.

When you format a hard drive or delete a partition, you are only deleting the file system by making the data invisible but not gone. A simple file recovery program can easily recover the information. To ensure that your private information is gone forever, you will have to wipe the hard drive using special software. Data wiping overwrites all data space on a storage device, replacing important data with garbage data. Depending upon the method used, the overwritten data could be zeros or could be various random patterns. After wiping a hard drive, you can be confident that whatever information that was stored on the drive is now gone forever.

Features of Remo MORE Software:

In order to get rid of sensitive paper documents, burning them will be a good idea to help protect your privacy and prevent identity theft. Similarly, it is important to erase all your personal information from computers and other devices before you dispose them. Leave no traces and be sure that your data is removed beyond recovery. For this, use hard drive wiping software like Remo MORE. Drive wiping is advantageous for privacy as most delete functions just don’t really delete your data.

  1. Remo MORE Software is a free utility for securely erasing a hard drive to ensure all of your personal data is unrecoverable.
  2. It allows you to completely remove sensitive data from your hard drive or logical drives by overwriting it several times with carefully selected data shredding patterns and using various international drive sanitization standards.
  3. It works with Microsoft Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP on both 32-bit and 64-bit PC's.
  4. Intuitive design and a simple user-friendly interface help you to securely and easily erase private data from your hard drive in Remo MORE Software.
  5. It offers maximum number of methods for drive wiping. To keep the data secure, you will have to securely wipe your hard drive.

After using Remo MORE, you can be certain that whatever information stored on the drive is now gone for good.


Please note to backup your data before starting this process. Once you start Remo MORE Software, all data that you have on the PC will be gone and cannot be recovered.

Steps to Wipe Desktop Hard Drive

Step 1: Launch the software, In the Main Screen, click “Manage” option as shown in Fig 1.

Wipe Desktop Hard Drive - Main Screen

Fig 1. Main Screen

Step 2: In the Manage screen,select Data Wipe as shown in Fig 2.

Wipe Desktop Hard Drive - Select Data Wipe

Fig 2. Select Data Wipe

Step 3: Now Select Drive sanitizer as shown in Fig 3.

Wipe Desktop Hard Drive - Select Drive sanitizer

Fig 3. Select Drive sanitizer

Step 4: Select the Drive that you want to wipe and click continue as shown in Fig 4.

Wipe Desktop Hard Drive - Drive Sanitizer Select Drive

Fig 4. Drive Sanitizer Select Drive

Step 5: Now select the wiping method and click proceed as shown in Fig 5.

Wipe Desktop Hard Drive - Select Wiping Method

Fig 5. Select Wiping Method

Step 6: Now wait for the wiping process to complete as shown in Fig 6.

Wipe Desktop Hard Drive- Drive Sanitizer Wiping Process

Fig 6. Drive Sanitizer Wiping Process