How to Fix Damaged Zipx Files?


ZipX files are the compressed file formats generally created and saved by WinZip application. Compression if generally achieved to overcome drawbacks like insufficient memory space and data sharing. Generally, data sharing it achieved with the use of email client, in large industries. However, these emailing software, support only limited amount of data. Due to this, you might have to compress the data and reduce its file size, in order to send them through the mails.

WinZip application is basically used for this purpose. It can compress the set of files into a single container file and minimize the file size. These files are generally recognized by the extension .zip and .zipx. However Zip is considered as the lower version. ZipX files are generally created using the advanced compression algorithms compare to the Zip files. The latest versions of WinZip app create the compressed files in ZipX formats by default. However, you can still find options for change the created file to .zip format. This popular format was introduced after the release of WinZip 14. It utilizes PPMd, WavPack, LZMA, or bzip2 compression format to create these files. Although, these files are very sensitive and very fast prone to data damage. Don’t have to get annoyed, now with ZipX Repair tool one can easily fix ZipX file issues with these files and retrieve the inaccessible files back after zip repair

Reasons behind the cause of ZipX archive damage:

Using Unreliable tools:  WinZip is one of the most familiar applications, when it matters to compressed files. Users download ZipX files from net or through email attachments and try to open it using some inappropriate application, when they don’t have an installed WinZip app. This cat can cause damage on ZipX file, if the app doesn’t support ZipX format.

Trojan and Worm attack: Zip files are majorly found on many websites. Users end up downloading harmful ZipX attachments on your system drives and end up infecting the device with threats like Trojans and Worms. These attack the ZipX files saved on the drive and corrupt its file structure. Eventually, you end up having an inaccessible ZipX archive. With Zipx Repair utility, one can repair ZipX file effortlessly

Exceeding limited size: All the versions of WinZip software have a limited size of ZipX files. One can compress files and reach up to 4GB size. However, trying to compress more than the defined limit, can damage the ZipX files. Don’t make the mistake of compressing large amount of data, at a short

For all who possess a damaged ZipX file, ZipX Repair tool can act as a perfect solution. Using ZipX Repair one can fix ZipX file, without modifying the original content. It has the ability to repair ZipX file and provide the preview of the file, prior to restoration. Besides, repairing Zipx archive files, it is also capable to fix damaged Zip files. You can use this tool on latest Windows versions like Windows 7, Window 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP and so on.

By the end of repair process, the software helps you to save the fixed ZipX files on any required location on your computer. In fact, it supports saving of repaired file on different storage devices. Before you opt for the full version, try using the demo version and check the results. Take the assistance of our 24*7 support team for any further details, regarding this product.

Steps to use ZipX Repair tool:

Step 1: In order to fix ZipX file, you need to install the software on your PC. Run the software and browse the corrupted ZipX to repair ZipX file

Zipx Repair - Main Window

Step 2:  Hold on for some time until the repair process completes. Now click on preview and preview the content for Zip files

Zipx Repair - Preview Recovered File

Step 3:  By the end of fixing save the file to any desired location

Zipx Repair - Save Repaired File